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Lone Peak

Lone Peak is one of four USA Locations in Burnout Revenge. It is based on Montana National Park[1] and only features a Long Circuit.



Lone Peak

This rustic woodland includes a lumber warehouse, old railway, and several campgrounds. A lot of the shortcuts are dangerously narrow or bumpy, but they can really shorten a player's route if entered successfully. Similar to Silver Lake in Burnout 3: Takedown, motorhomes can be frequently seen, although they don't provide any signature takedown. Traffic is heaviest on freeway roads near the warehouse but other areas are fair.

Crash Junctions[]

All of Lone Peak's crash junctions are set outside the track:

  • Rank 4 Crash "Round The Bend"
  • Rank 4 Crash "Forest Bump"
  • Rank 7 Crash "Off The Beaten Truck"
  • Rank 9 Crash "Drive-Thru Destruction"
  • Rank 10 Crash "Doughnut Disturb"
  • Rank 10 Crash "Mount Crushmore"
  • Pre-Release: Unknown Junction that takes place near Wish Upon a Car
  • Pre-Release: Live and Let Crash
  • Pre-Release: Doh Nut Disturb
  • Pre-Release: Grizzly Scare

Xbox 360 Release[]

The XBOX 360 added 10 new crash junctions around the world:

  • Rank 3 Crash "Wish Upon A Car"
  • Rank 4 Crash "Jumping Jack Trash"
  • Rank 10 Crash "Live And Let Crash"


  • Rank 3 Preview Lap
  • Rank 4 Race Forwards
  • Rank 4 Burning Lap Reverse
  • Rank 4 Eliminator Reverse
  • Rank 7 Traffic Attack Forwards
  • Rank 7 Crashbreaker Eliminator Forwards
  • Rank 7 Crashbreaker Road Rage Reverse
  • Rank 7 Crashbreaker Grand Prix 7
  • Rank 9 Crashbreaker Road Rage Forwards
  • Rank 10 Crashbreaker Race Forwards
  • Rank 10 Burning Lap Forwards
  • Rank 10 Crashbreaker Eliminator Forwards


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