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The Logitech World Racer is an unlockable race vehicle in Burnout Revenge.

It is fast, light weight, and good to use in race as well as Burning Lap events. Although not Road Rage and Crash events due to its lacking strength.

Even though it has statistics similar to other Specials, it performs slightly better with faster acceleration, and its grippy tires reduced any loose drifting, making it a better choice to use.

The flaws include understeer at high speed, and shunting behind or slamming in the rear of rivals will make them propel upwards, resulting in a chance of being vertically taken down.


The Logitech World Racer is unlocked by earning a bronze medal for the "Crashbreaker Grand Prix 10" event in Eastern Bay within the Dominator rank.


  • Logitech is a computer accessories brand, primarily offering mice, keyboards, and other computer peripheral equipment.