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The Live Frontpage was included in Burnout Paradise's the Codename: Cagney Update. It was brought up each time you start up the game and accessible through the start menu. It allowed Criterion Games to broadcast news directly to Burnout Paradise players and give new vehicles to Online players. It was replaced by the browser-based Criterion Games Network in Paradise's Free February Update.

Cagney live frontpage

Live Page

Live Broadcast Gameplay[]

From the Live Frontpage, Criterion Games were able to launch 'Live Broadcast Gameplay'. It allowed the Burnout Team to mix up the way you play the game by changing the cars you could choose on certain days or allowing you to test drive new vehicles. There were three parts of Live Broadcast Gameplay. However, due to a negative opinion from many Burnout fans, Criterion Games ceased Test Drive Tuesdays, Face Off Thursdays, and Graduation Weekends, instead providing the Hunter Olympus and the Nakamura Rai-Jin Turbo RWD to all players for use when playing online, the Carson Hippy Van and the Hunter Oval Steel Racer in the junkyard to all players, and the Rossolini Tempesta Dream and the Carson GT Tiger to all players in the Burnout Bikes Update.

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Other Features[]

The Live Frontpage provided in-game access to Criterion Games's blog to find out what's new in Burnout Paradise. It allows you to be able to see who's online in Paradise and what they're doing. It also allows you to view player stats, live weather from around the world, and a calendar showing the events coming up in Paradise City.

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