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Hidden "Easter Egg" messages are scattered everywhere throughout Big Surf Island. Below is a table of the current messages found so far and where to find them.

Messages Found: 15 / 21
Message Phrase From Location How to Get There Image
JUST SAY NO! Grange Hill On the roof of The Loop on the concrete wall. Go into the Inspiral Car Park and jump out at floor 1 (red), then once you're on the roof turn around. Take caution when moving towards the concrete wall, as there is a gap between it and the roof. BSI message 01
SAY WHAT YOU SEE! Catchphrase On the side of the middle staircase in Tel Wogan's. Go to Noel's and enter the path into Holness Hotel, then go across the bridge, and once you get to the second staircase, turn around and look at the wall to your right. BSI message 02
BLOBBY BLOBBY BLOBBY Mr. Blobby On the northernmost piller in the underground parking lot below St Cath's Hospital. Enter where it has the rotating first aid sign, then go over to where the wall is diagonal and turn around and face the pillar. BSI message 03
Bullseye On the fence facing the sea at the end of the Island Pier. Just go to the pier on the beach and drive to the end; it will be on the northwestern corner. BSI message 04
On the eastern wall of the Itchy Starfish Club. Enter the alleyway next to Deckard Sushi, then stop where it says low clearance and look left. BSI message 05
John Kettley is a Weatherman On the outside wall of the highest roof near the forth walkway of the Shires Construction Site. Take the same path you would for the island challenge Walk the Plank, then drive backwards onto the forth walkway and it will be on your right. BSI message 06
OUR SURVEY SAYS... Family Fortunes On the small wall of the first floor of Saville Tech. Enter through the bottom and go up to floor 1 (red), then drive to where the cones are and take a left. For better readability, you might want to put the time at 5 PM. BSI message 07
SUPERMATCH GAME Blankety Blank On the southern side of Deese's Donuts near a vent. Enter from Lipscomb Way and stop where it says low clearance, then turn left and look under the rightmost vent. BSI message 08
On the roof or the Holness Hotel on the northwestern wall. Take the same path you would for the island challenge Crane in the Neck, then go near the right-hand crane and look on the wall to the left of the ramp. BSI message 09
AND AWAY YOU GO! We Are the Champions On the middle support beam on top of the walkway in the Shires Construction Site. Jump out of the bowl and land on the walkway, then turn to face the construction site. This one is tricky; drive too slow and you will hit the support beams; drive too fast and you will jump over it. BSI message 10a
On the first floor of the parking lot in the northern corner. Enter through the bottom and go to the northern corner under the spiral road. BSI message 11
Cupid Stunt (Kenny Everett) On a wall at the top of the Els Bels Resort. Driving northbound on Maguire Road, go up the very last dirt path to your left before the tunnel. Once you get to the top you will see a passage way onto the top floor of the hotel. Take it and then turn around, then keep going till you see a gap in the building. BSI message 12
On the outside wall of the top floor of the Inspiral Car Park. Enter through the bottom and go up to the top floor, then go to the mega jump and slowly drive off the right of the ramp, then keep driving till you see it. BSI message 13
On the weastern pillar of the northernmost crane in the Shires Construction Site. Enter at Griffin Boulevard and go west to where the three shipping crates are, then turn around and look at the crane's pillar. BSI message 14
Blockbusters On the outside of the southern wall on the roof of Stilgoe's Mall. Take the same path you would for the island challenge Jumpin' Donuts, then drive to the southwestern corner and turn left so you can see the outer wall. BSI message 10