The license shows how much a player has progressed in Burnout Paradise. Many vehicles obtained by either winning events or by shutting them down require a higher license before they can be driven.


The game starts out with a Learner's Permit. To upgrade the license, the player must complete the required number of events. Each time the license upgrades, all events are reset and can be completed again to count toward the next license.

The last time the events reset is when the Burnout License is earned. To obtain the Burnout Elite License, the player must complete every event in Paradise City.

Car Licenses

License Type Requirements Unlocks
Learner's Permit
Received at start of game Hunter Cavalry
Class D License
Win 2 events Hunter Mesquite
Class C License
Win 7 events Nakamura Ikusa GT
Class B License
Win 15 events Carson Fastback
Class A License
Win 26 events Rossolini Tempesta
Burnout License
Win 40 events Carson GT Concept
Burnout Elite License
Win all 120* events Gold Paint
Criterion Elite License
Win all 120* events, own all roads, and find all discoveries Platinum Paint
  • * The number of wins for the Burnout Elite license may vary, depending on how many Burning Route events have been completed, as these don't reset.

Bike License

Bikes are available to all users who have either The Ultimate Box or The latest Burnout Update (Davis or later). Bikes can be accessed via the Burnout Bikes section of the Junkyard during offline play and are ONLY available in an online freeburning session if all players are already using bikes upon joining.

License Type Requirements Unlocks
Bike License
Available from the start Nakamura FV1100 & Nakamura Firehawk V4
Complete 19 Burning Ride or Midnight Ride events. Nakamura FV1100-T1
Rider License
Complete all Burning Rides and Midnight Rides. Nakamura Firehawk GP Competition

Big Surf Island License

Users with the Big Surf Island premium update will obtain a new Island License which is separate to the original Paradise one. It is similar to the Bike License in that it tracks the percentage complete. Whilst it does not upgrade, it does unlock new vehicles at certain completion milestones.

License TypeRequirementsUnlocks
Island License
Received after purchase of the Island Carson Dust Storm
Complete 50% of the Island Hunter Olympus Governor
License island elite
Elite Island License
Complete all Island Events, Own all Island roads, Find all Island Discoverables & Complete all Island Challenges Carson Annihilator Street Rod

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