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The mighty Pioneer was no slouch, but the Super Gator packs even more boost power to help hunt down your prey.

The Pioneer Super Gator is the upgraded version of the Pioneer. It gains one extra boost point. This upgrade will benefit players when boost is available, as the extra boost power assists acceleration and gives the Super Gator a higher maximum speed than its predecessor. The Super Gator is still an Aggression car, which means that players have to be quite aggressive and take down opponents as much as possible to keep the boost going. Everything else remains basically the same.


Beat the Pioneer Burning Route.


The Krieger Pioneer Super Gator is a worthwhile upgrade to the standard Krieger Pioneer that boosts its versatility. Despite a lower cruising speed, the increased Boost grants the Super Gator improved acceleration across the board and improves its versatility. It still shares the normal Pioneer's trait of sub-par low-end acceleration and decent mid-range acceleration. The increased boost allows the Super Gator to be used to some effect in Race events if the player plans to keep taking down opponents.

The Super Gator shares exactly the same exceptional handling traits with the standard Pioneer. Although suffering from slight under-steer and a difficulty to be thrown into Drifts at lower speeds, at higher speeds the Super Gator has a very responsive steering feel with little to no under-steer coupled with a responsive drift that makes it an excellent choice for Marked Man events earlier on in the game.

Like the normal Pioneer, the Super Gator is next to useless for Stunt Run events due to its weight and size. Once again, the Super Gator shines in Road Rage events. Its more powerful boost system allows it to do battle anywhere without being left behind as much as the normal Pioneer, and it can perform Takedowns easily. Like the normal Pioneer, the Super Gator loses an alarming amount of control when hit, making it easy to Wreck. In conclusion, the Super Gator is a worthwhile upgrade to the already strong Pioneer that boosts its performance in small but crucial ways.

The tires of the Super Gator are altered to have much more grip, and have a more off-road look to them.


  • In Burnout Paradise's Free February Update the Pioneer Super Gator's speed stat was lowered from 3 to 1 and its boost stat was lowered from 4 to 3.
  • Any music played after the Cagney update had an added bass effect to make it muffled. The same applies to the standard Pioneer and its PCPD variant.
    • ​Applying the gold or platinum finishes to the Pioneer Super Gator will remove the bass filter.
    • The bass filter only applies when driving in third person, and is not applied in bumper cam.