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Disambig iconThis article is about Burnout Paradise vehicle. For the in-game police force, see Paradise City Police Department.

The ultimate in law enforcement. Nobody outruns the PCPD special pursuit vehicle! This baby's got all the boost power you could ever need.

The Krieger PCPD Special is the upgraded version of the Racing WTR and the final vehicle unlocked offline in Burnout Paradise. It gains one boost point to increase its maximum speed and it gains one strength since it is the other police vehicle in Paradise City. The added strength does little to help the once and still fragile PCPD Special survive crashes but it also does not hinder the maneuverability. Being light, it is not ideal to drive on beaches as the sand causes this indy to lose traction and control. The only noticeable change is the increase in maximum speed to an already ridiculously fast car. Along with the Hunter Citizen and other Cops and Robbers Cars it has police working strobe lights although they have no effect on traffic. The acronym PCPD stands for Paradise City Police Department. Despite its slight increase of strength, it is still not recommended for Road Rage and Marked Man events because of its frail weight and strength, which makes the vehicle unsuited for combat with heavier and aggressive vehicles.

How to Unlock[]

Win the WTR Burning Route.


The Krieger PCPD Special model matches the Logitech World Racer from Burnout Revenge. The PCPD Special closely resembles the real-life 2007 Champ Car DP-01 which was produced by Elan Motorsports in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Although the game model has no induction airbox but instead a roll hoop for driver safety. It is a successor to the Cop Racer from Burnout Legends.


  • With the release of Burnout Paradise's Free February Update, the Krieger PCPD Special's speed stat was lowered from 9 to 6.
  • The PCPD special features police scanner radio chatter which references areas of Paradise City and a speeding vehicle terrorizing traffic on Big Surf Island.
  • Traffic emits no response to drivable police vehicles even when the sirens are activated.
  • Most Burnout World Police vehicles like this one utilize the number 510 instead of the normal 731. 510 is police code for speeding or racing vehicles.
  • The PCPD Special is not unlocked with the Cops and Robbers Pack.