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If you can keep it under control, this is a seriously rapid piece of equipment. In drifts, use the throttle to get the back end moving, then hold on tight.

The Krieger Überschall 8 is an extreme Speed vehicle in Burnout Paradise.

It is capable of outrageous speeds due to its excellent Speed and Boost ratings, but is held back by its poor strength rating; it is only suited for Race events. It also has poor drifting capabilities, meaning that players should use the vehicle's boost to help the tail slide out. If a player can control this car, then its sheer speed is almost completely unmatched.

How to Unlock[]

Win 132 events then shut it down.

Burning Route[]

Burning Route (Right) Überschall 8 Burning Route



The exposed engine of the Überschall 8.

  • In Burnout Paradise's Free February Update the Überschall 8's speed stat was lowered from 10 to 7.
  • "Supersonic" is the literal English translation of the German word Überschall.
  • A sonic boom can be heard after a successful Burnout. This effect was added in Cagney update.
  • "Uberschall 8" appears on the left and right of the rear hood which is an alternate spelling of Überschall in German.