The Krieger Überschall 8 is an extreme Speed vehicle in Burnout Paradise. This vehicle is capable of outrageous speeds due to its excellent speed and boost ratings but is held back by its poor strength rating; it is only suited for Race events. The Überschall 8 has poor drifting capabilities meaning that players should use the vehicles boost to help the back of it slide out. If a player can control this car then its sheer speed is almost completely unmatched.


If you can keep it under control, this is a seriously rapid piece of equipment. In drifts, use the throttle to get the back end moving, then hold on tight.

How to Unlock

Win 132 events then shut it down.


The Überschall 8 bears a strong resemblance to the Toyota TS020 with some elements from the Bentley Speed 8, namely the headlight layout and vents above its front wheels.

Due to its early-2000's LMP influences, the car also resembles the Modified Super from Burnout 3: Takedown, the Criterion Racer GT and EA Racer GT from Burnout Revenge, and Burnout Dominator's GT Racer.

Burning Route

Burning Route (Right).png Überschall 8 Burning Route


The exposed engine of the Überschall 8.

  • In Burnout Paradise's Free February Update the Überschall 8's speed stat was lowered from 10 to 7.
  • "Supersonic" is the literal English translation of the German word Überschall.
  • A sonic boom can be heard after a successful Burnout. This effect was added in Cagney update.
  • "Uberschall 8" appears on the left and right of the rear hood which is an alternate spelling of Überschall in German.
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