Touge Sport

A shot of the Touge Sport when it is available for Shut Down.

Touge Sport Donut

The Touge Sport doing donuts.

The Kitano Touge Sport is a very well performing Japanese stunt car. Its lightness and excellent drift capability make it able to perform very well in Stunt Run events. The Touge Sport also has decent speed/boost ratings, making it able to do well in Race events. Its slightly above average strength allows it to survive collisions at moderate speed. It does not do well in events that require heavier cars, but it is very well rounded and can perform in Races and Stunt Runs.


A delicately balanced drifting machine, the Touge's GT pedigree also gives it a straight line speed that's not to be laughed at.

How to Unlock

Win 71 events, then shut it down.


The Touge Sport doesn't resemble any one vehicle. Instead, its design has been influenced by many different cars. The main shape of the vehicle resembles the Toyota Supra & Ferrari 599. The headlights seem to be very similar to both the Nissan 350Z, Tesla Roadster, and Nissan 370Z. Also, the rear lights have some influence from the Honda NSX and greatly resemble the Ford Taurus GL. A resemblance to the Nissan Silvia can be seen in the rear of the Touge Sport. The color scheme may resemble that of the Castrol Tom's Toyota Supra from the Japanese Super GT series.

Burning Route

Burning Route (Right) Touge Sport Burning Route


  • In Burnout Paradise's Free February Update, the Kitano Touge Sport's speed stat was lowered from 7 to 5.
  • "Touge" is a Japanese word literally meaning "pass" and it is also used to refer to a racing event along mountain roads in Japan.

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