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The Kitano PCPD Touge Sport is a downloadable vehicle in Burnout Paradise part of the Cops and Robbers Pack.


Due to the recent crimewave, this special pursuit vehicle has been released to the Paradise City Police Department. We are Code 3, so press the L3 button to hit the sirens.

How to Unlock[]

Purchase the Cops and Robbers Pack and unlock the Kitano Touge Sport.


The PCPD version of the Touge Sport doesn't resemble any one vehicle. Instead, it takes on different design cues from Japanese models like the Toyota Supra, Nissan 350Z, Honda NSX concept, and the Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder. The only differences it has from the original version is that it now features a modern Japanese style police livery along with lights, sirens, and finally, authentic Kanji lettering. The main difference with the regular Touge Sport (excluding sirens and paint) is the absence of a rear spoiler.


  • The PCPD Touge Sport only has one finish, but the lower part of the body can be repainted to any color in the game. If painted black it looks more like an authentic Japanese police car.

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