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Check out the super cool Hydros Techno edition. The Techno's engine is tuned to provide extra speed without you needing to light up the boost.

The Kitano Hydros Techno is the upgraded version of the Hydros Custom. The vehicle remains visually the same as the original. However, it has slightly better handling and acceleration over its stock counterpart.


Win the Hydros Custom Burning Route.


  • With the release of the Free February Update, its ratings were tweaked, lowering its speed stat from 6 to 2.
  • The default livery and paint color is a reprise of its first appearance in Burnout 2: Point of Impact.
  • Its license plate - "AS-B2-CC" references its Burnout 2: Point of Impact origins; "Asia-Burnout 2-Custom Coupe".
  • It was featured in the Face Off Thursday on July 10, 2008.
  • It is one of six front-wheel drive Paradise vehicles that are capable of performing donuts whilst driving in reverse.