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Awarded for beating all of the Showtime Road Rules, this unique Hydros comes with Stunt Boost and a rear wheel drive conversion for more extreme stunt performance.

The Kitano Carbon Hydros Custom is the carbon version of the Hydros Custom. It comes with a chrome shaded exterior, better statistics in every field (gains 4 speed points, 4 boost points and 1 strength point), and a boost type conversion from Speed to Stunt. This newer version brings many new possibilities to the once very limited Hydros Custom. The car is stronger, but only helps during Races and may not be enough for the car to handle the rougher events. It still performs very well in Race events, especially with its enhanced speed/boost, but with its new boost type, it can now do well in Stunt Run events. The maintained lightness and now much improved handling are a plus to each of these situations. This could quite possibly be considered the ultimate drifter. It is completely different from the standard Hydros. Think of it as a Hawker.


Beat all Showtime Road Rules.