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King Avenue is one of the parallel Avenues to Fry Avenue, Root Avenue and Glancey Avenue. It is a road of modest length running from the junction with Paradise Avenue and 4th Street until it meets the I-88 access ramps at the Harber Street intersection. King Avenue links the Waterfront, River City and sub-districts of Downtown Paradise. Globally, King Avenue stretches on an North-to-South axis. King Avenue remains a very calm and unused avenue, despite it being a large Downtown road, developers have tried to liven up the area by including Bike Challenges with the Bikes Pack but generally, King Avenue is not usually part of the average driver's route to a specific destination. Since the Big Surf Island Update and the opening of the Paradise Keys Bridge, players can more easily score a Time Road Rule by boosting straight down the Bridge, into 4th Street and into the Avenue.


There are only 3 events that can be started on the King Avenue intersection, only one of which is a Burning Route.

Event Type Event Name Starting Intersection Finish Location
Marked Man Run to the Hills 3rd Street Crystal Summit Observatory
Road Rage Central Square-Off 2nd Street N/A
Burning Route (Right) R-Turbo Roadster Burning Route Harber Street Maplemount Country Club


Curiously, there are no shortcuts featured on King Avenue. Instead, stepped sidewalks parallel to the avenue are the only "off-road" areas available in addition to the Natural Ramp roof between 1st and 2nd Street.

Landmarks of Interest[]

River City[]


  • Covered River Bridge

Gameplay Strategies[]

King Avenue is linked to many interesting locations, however, none of them need to be taken from this Avenue. This road won't likely be used in offline races, and will not be used in online races either. Beginners engaged in a Stunt Run may pull off at best a +1 Multiplier for Air Time (more if executing a Flat Spin). In Marked Man Events, weaker cars can find "safety" by going on the sidewalks since they are separated from the Avenue by concrete walls.

Challenge for the Experts[]

  • Barrel Rolls:
  • Experts can try Barrel Rolling from both ramps.
  • Experts can also try Reverse Barrel Rolling from the bigger ramp.

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