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Jump Distance is a stunt and driving skill performed by covering as much distance as possible from a single ramp.

Cavalry Bootlegger Jump

Jumping Distance may give you boost

Distance, airtime, and vehicle type determine the amount of boost earned from a jump. In Burnout Paradise a Speed boost vehicle earns less boost than an Aggression boost vehicle, and an Aggression boost vehicle earns less Boost than a Stunt car from landing a jump. Ramps are an essential part in most events in Burnout Paradise and Burnout Revenge. Ramps allow players to reach high places and shortcuts as well as earn boost in Paradise events.


Air Time Earned Multiplier
0 - 0.99 s +0
1.00 - 1.99 s +1
2.00 - 2.99 s +2
3.00 - 3.99 s +3

Jump Distance is calculated based on seconds of airtime. Once a vehicle has been airborne for more than ½ (.5) seconds a number will appear above the boost bar telling the player how long the vehicle has been in the air. In a Stunt Run 1200 base points are awarded for a jump with an additional 24 points awarded per .01 second in the air rounded to the nearest ten after the jump has been landed. The Stunt Run multiplier is calculated based on whole seconds in the air.

While the amount of time in the air is theoretically infinite the practical limit is about 10.05 seconds.


  • During Freeburn Challenges the Jump Distance of a player only counts if landed successfully. A crash landing will revoke the earned jump distance for that jump.
  • Super Jumps are a great way to earn Air Time.