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If the X12 was mental, this baby's completely loco! The Jansen XS12 is the street-legal package. Somehow the Jansen guys have squeezed even more boost out of it. Hang on!

The Jansen XS12 is the upgraded version of the X12. It gives up one speed statistic point for one boost point. This car is only better than the original X12 if it is kept under control while boosting. Otherwise, the decrease in cruising speed will only reduce its usefulness. Some might like the decrease in speed and increase in boost, as they can choose when they want to go insanely fast and can avoid traffic.

How to Unlock[]

Win the X12 Burning Route.


The car model may have some design inspiration from the popular Jaguar XJR-15 sports car, but it bears its greatest resemblance to the more recent Koenigsegg CCR or CCX. The front resembles the Pagani Zonda S, while the back is reminiscent of the Ferrari F430. The headlights resemble that of the Lamborghini Italdesign Cala.


  • In Burnout Paradise's Free February Update, the XS12's speed stat was lowered from 6 to 4 and it's boost stat was lowered from 9 to 8.
  • The Jansen XS12 is one of the few Paradise vehicles that can be driven with its engine exposed.