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Disambig iconThis article is about Island Challenges. For downloadable content pack, see Big Surf Island (Update).

Island Challenges are 10 Freeburn Challenges included with and designed especially for Big Surf Island. These challenges can be completed by 2-8 players and are not canceled no matter how many players enter or leave the room. These challenges add to the "People Person" Achievements for Xbox 360 and the "Complete all Island Challenges" Trophy on PS3

List of Island Challenges[]

# Name Type Task
1 Jumpin' Donuts Driver Jump through Deese's Donut.
2 Drain Jump Team Part 1 : Meet in the Storm Drain.
Part 2 : Spend 10.00 seconds in the air, anywhere!
3 Steam Rollers Driver Everybody land two Barrel Rolls on the Beach.
4 Crane in the Neck Driver Part 1 : Meet on the roof of the Holness Hotel.
Part 2 : Jump off the left-hand crane's Mega Jump.
5 Lighthouse Rock Driver Part 1 : Meet at the University Dome.
Part 2 : Jump through the Lighthouse.
6 Hang Time! Team Part 1 : Meet at the bottom of the Crash TV Ski Jump.
Part 2 : For all drivers, jump together off the Crash TV Ski Jump.
7 Hoop-la Driver Jump through the double circle at the Shires construction site.
8 Walk the Plank Team Part 1 : For all drivers, park on the tip of the walkways above the Shires construction site.
Part 2 : Land the Mega Jump.
9 I Spiral Team Everyone get 1,500 yards of drift and 3 near misses in the Inspiral Car Park.
10 Jumpers Driver Jump above the Paradise Keys Bridge structure.