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B2 Invulnerability

Situations like these won't affect an 'invulnerable' Player.

Invulnerability is a cheat in Burnout 2: Point of Impact.

The cheat disables any sort of crashing mechanic in the game to make Burnout feel like a more generic arcade game.


Hitting traffic will often just cause the player to slide by it, wider vehicles such as buses and trucks can push the player back (but this is often fixed with a slide).

Some situations can cause the Player to wreck even with the cheat activated, these include getting between the Wrong Way Wall and traffic, or when interacting peculiarly with rival wrecks.

How to Unlock[]

The cheat is unlocked after completing all of the Grand Prix in the Championship. Understandably, activating this cheat disables the Crash and Offensive Driving 101 modes.