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How could you possibly improve on the perfect classic coupe? With an even sweeter paint job and by cranking up the boost! How else?

The Hunter Vegas Carnivale is an upgraded variant of the Hunter Vegas in Burnout Paradise.

It is a very versatile, above-average performing car, with lackluster boost replaced with a more powerful system, the Carnivale has greater speed and versatility across the board. It has excellent off-the-line and mid-range acceleration, despite its mediocre cruising speed, its more powerful boost system lends it a decent boosting top speed.

Equipped with a more powerful stunt boost and sharing its non-Burning Route brethren's ability to jump long distances, it is useful for almost all types of events. It excels at Stunt Run and Race events due to its more powerful boost.

As a very versatile lower-end car that will serve players well for Stunt Run events, when it comes to battling heavier vehicles, it can fight back if used properly, but with its light weighing body, it can be smacked into walls and traffic easily.


Beat the Vegas Burning Route.

Burning Route[]

Type Name & Location Finish Point & Objective Vehicle
Burning Route Vegas Burning Route
7th & Franke
Target Time: 1:15
Wildcats Baseball Stadium
Required: Hunter Vegas
Reward: Hunter Vegas Carnivale


  • With the release of the Free February Update, its speed rating was lowered from 3 to 1.
  • Applying a platinum or gold paint finish shows a sideways license plate texture along the left side of the front bumper.