The rusted Hunter Reliable Custom is an average aggression vehicle. Its slow acceleration makes it impractical for Races unless players have an aggressive racing style and plan to perform Takedowns against their opponents. It can perform decently in Road Rage and Marked Man events due to its strength. It drifts well and if the boost bar is kept reasonably full then players can also perform some decent Stunt Runs. Its scratched and damaged junkyard dog-style paint job does not contribute well to its popularity among players but it is a decent and well-rounded vehicle that is neither spectacular nor disappointing.

When using the E-brake drifting method, this truck can make any turn, even tight U-turns, at any speed. Even low speed drifts are not a problem with this Reliable because most of its weight is bias towards the front. Due to this, the weight sits at the engine, therefore, giving more traction to the front wheels. This also explains why the truck leans forward slightly. Whilst in the drift, the truck keeps a constant "Ideal line" slide throughout the turn weather it is a broad turn from the Mountainous area of Paradise down to the twisted streets of Downtown Paradise. The truck is not the quickest to get off the line, but once it gets some speed, it handles more or less like a speed car.


Looks like an antique, but above-average strength and a gentle drift make quite a handy package. An unconventional little all-rounder.

How to Unlock

Win 13 events then shut it down.


The Reliable Custom model seems to resemble a 1952 Chevrolet Advance Design pickup with custom wheels and a paint job. It, however has exaggerated fenders among other smaller differences.

Burning Route

Burning Route (Right) Reliable Custom Burning Route

Evolution of Protection (Dropped Billboard Ad).


  • In Burnout Paradise's Free February Update the Reliable Custom's speed stat was lowered from 5 to 2 and its boost was lowered from 4 to 3.
  • The Reliable Custom's windows are completely opaque making it difficult to see into the vehicle. If a window is smashed then players can see into the vehicle's interior. From the inside there appears to be no glass due to Renderware's rendering methods.
  • The license plate on this vehicle reads: US-CL-T1 which stands for "United States-Classic-Truck1."
  • This vehicle appears in Need for Speed: Rivals as a roadside wreck.
  • When accelerating normally, the player can hear the engine shift like a normal manual transmission truck. But when accelerating with boost, especially from a standstill, the Custom can be heard Powershifting; a common technique used in older manual transmission cars to keep power to the wheels through hard acceleration.