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Straight from the racing ovals, this is a hot, race tuned stock car. It's nimble and stable in a straight line, but its racing pedigree makes drifting a bit uncomfortable.

The Hunter Racing Oval Champ is an interesting Aggression car that is left in the dark when Freeburning. It has quite a bit of speed, but is weaker than the other cars of its class. Although it seems to be heavier than other vehicles, it is more responsive. It handles well, but it seems slightly reluctant to drift. In order to make this car slip sideways, the best way is to use the E-brake.

It is still stiff around corners even when using the E-brake, but it is better than using the normal brakes. It depends on how fast the player is traveling that dictates how the car will enter the corner. If at low speed, it will oversteer into the corner. At mid speed, it will perform almost neutral. At high speeds, the car will understeer. It's best to initiate the drift using a wider line in order to clear high speed drifts. When going against Nighthawks, the Oval Champ is one of the several kryptonites for the Nighthawk.

Because of its nature to go straight, a shunt or a slam coming from a Nighthawk won't affect it much, In fact, the Oval Champ is one of the best offensive cars to use against the Nighthawk, since its weight can be tossed around to push it off the road, even in mid-drift. The best way to drive the Oval Champ is to use its high speed and boost ratings to keep running in the middle of the pack and then work one's way up front by taking down your opponents. It is a decent car for Road Rage events despite its lower than average strength, but cannot handle Marked Man as well as the other aggression vehicles. Its high speed makes some Race events accessible, but only if the course doesn't have a lot of tight corners.

How to Unlock[]

Win 89 events, then shut it down.


The Racing Oval Champ resembles a NASCAR Ford Fusion with the rear end of a Nationwide Monte Carlo and the side windows of a late '90s Ford Taurus. Its model also resembles the Etnies Racer from Burnout Revenge and the Oval Racer from Burnout Dominator.

Burning Route[]

Burning Route (Right) Racing Oval Champ Burning Route


  • In Burnout Paradise's Free February Update, the Racing Oval Champ's speed stat was lowered from 9 to 6.
  • This vehicle is commonly referred to as the Hunter Racing Oval Champ, but its Burning Route refers to it as the Oval Champ 07.
  • The car features taillights but the headlights are actually (like on real stock cars) decorative stickers and thus are nonfunctional.
  • Its bonnet can detach.