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The Hunter PCPD Cavalry is a downloadable vehicle in Burnout Paradise part of the Cops and Robbers Pack. It is a modified police variant of the Hunter Cavalry.

Criterion Games' "Professor Follett" found that this car has the worst performance for use in Cops and Robbers mainly due to its low top speed.


Due to the recent crimewave, this special pursuit vehicle has been released to the Paradise City Police Department. We are Code 3, so press the L3 button to hit the sirens.

How to Unlock[]

Purchase the Cops and Robbers Pack.


The PCPD version of the Cavalry doesn't resemble any one vehicle. Aspects from different cars can be found mixed into its bodywork; a 1969 Pontiac GTO's front grill, the Ford Mustang's iconic rear fascia and the Pontiac Firebird's front fascia. The only difference from the original is that it has been fitted with an older American style police livery along with lights & sirens.


  • The PCPD Cavalry has a V8 engine.

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