Hunter dominated the stock car racing circuits of the 1960s. The Oval Champ 69 builds on the successful Hunter Cavalry platform, adding greater strength and more responsive handling.

The Hunter Oval Champ 69 is the upgraded version of the Cavalry. This is the only Burning Route upgrade in the game with a boost type conversion with the Cavalry's boost being changed from Stunt to Aggression. The upgrade adds strength and more precise handling to the Oval Champ 69, although there are no changes to the speed and boost stats. The Oval Champ 69 is a very effective car in the beginning of the game for Road Rage events as the boost type conversion makes it more fit for Takedowns and the added strength point to the car allows it to suffer harder beatings. It is no longer suitable for Stunt Run events because of its additional weight, but with the slight speed increase it can be played to an aggressive racing style against other speed-1 cars.

How to Unlock Edit

Win the Cavalry Burning Route.

Performance Edit

The Hunter Oval Champ 69 performs similarly to its original counterpart, the Hunter Cavalry. The major difference between the two is its boost conversion, from Stunt boost to Aggression boost. The strength rating has also gone up by one point to '6' and the car is heavier. All of this has hampered the Oval Champ 69's Stunt Run capabilities and it is not advisable to enter Stunt Runs in this car. The extra weight has also damaged its ability to jump far distances. Interestingly, the extra weight has not affected the straight-line performance and it performs similarly to the Calvary in a straight line.

Handling wise, the Oval Champ 69 is still capable of responsive Drifting like the Calvary. However, the Oval Champ 69's extra weight make it more unwieldy in tight corners and it definitely feels heavier than the Calvary does. It is worth noting that the weight increase can also benefit the Oval Champ 69, handling wise, in several situations. When drifting on wide, banking corners, the extra weight makes the car easier to control precisely as well as throwing the car into a drift at lower speeds. The Oval Champ 69 performs best in Road Rage events, where its higher strength rating and Aggression boost comes into play. The Oval Champ 69 is capable of easy Takedowns and does not lose much control when hit. To sum up, its non-Burning Route version, the Hunter Calvary more well-rounded, but the Oval Champ 69 is better where a heavier vehicle is needed.

Resemblance Edit

This vehicle resembles a NASCAR version of the 1968-1969 Pontiac GTO with Ford Mustang tail lights.


  • This vehicle's handling was tweaked in Burnout Paradise's Free February Update. Its speed rating was lowered from 2 to 1.
  • The Hunter Oval Champ 69 has a V8 engine with a displacement of 440 cubic inches (7.2 litres).
  • This is the only Burning Route variant to have a boost conversion.

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