This slick custom version might not be as valuable to snooty collectors, but to a street racer like you, that extra boost power will sure come in handy.

The Hunter Mesquite Custom is the upgraded version of the Mesquite. Unlike the stock model, the Mesquite Custom features flashy rims and a unique "modern" paintjob along with a more powerful boost system. Its playstyle changes only with the shift in speed balancing. Use it exactly like its alter ego.


The Mesquite Custom resembles a 1960's Chevrolet El Camino or Ford Ranchero. Its bumper-mounted tail lights and the tapered bed walls make it resemble the Chevy a bit more. The front resembles the 1971 Ford Corcel.

How to Unlock

Beat the Mesquite Burning Route.


The upgraded version of the Hunter Mesquite is very similar in terms of performance and handling, though some minor differences can be noticed. For instance, the Mesquite Custom has slower off-the-line acceleration as compared to the normal Mesquite, but compensates with decent mid-range acceleration. Its boost is also slightly more powerful than the normal Mesquite and helps it reach a higher top speed. The Mesquite Custom handles similarly to its non-Burning Route brethren although it feels a touch less responsive. The snap-oversteer tendency of the normal Mesquite has also been fixed, allowing players to control the Mesquite Custom comparatively easier. With all these small differences, the Mesquite Custom is just that bit better to use in events as compared to the normal Mesquite. This rings true especially in Road Rage events where the Mesquite Custom can perform Takedowns as easily as the normal Mesquite and has no problem tackling the more mountainous areas of Paradise City. However, the Mesquite Custom still shares its brethren's trait of easily losing control when hit. Overall, the Hunter Mesquite Custom is a minor but effective upgrade of the normal Mesquite.


  • This vehicle's handling was tweaked in Burnout Paradise's Free February Update. Its speed was lowered from 2 to 1 and its boost was lowered from 3 to 2.
  • Each finish has different color schemes of the word "PARADISECITY" on the license plate while Finish 3 has "red-white-blue" background with purple mountain.
  • It's license plate reads US-CL-T2, which could stand for United States-Classic-Truck 2.
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