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This slick custom version might not be as valuable to snooty collectors, but to a street racer like you, that extra boost power will sure come in handy.

The Hunter Mesquite Custom is the upgraded variant of the Mesquite.

Unlike the stock model, it features flashy rims and a unique paintjob, along with a more powerful boost system. Its play style changes only with the shift in speed balancing.

Its extra boost power allows it to reach a higher top speed, but suffers with slower acceleration and can be easily rattled when rammed, although it can be more responsive through corners.


Beat the Mesquite Burning Route.

Burning Route[]

Type Name & Location Finish Point & Objective Vehicle
Burning Route Mesquite Burning Route
Lambert & 5th
Target Time: 1:45
Fort Lawrence Naval Yard
Required: Hunter Mesquite
Reward: Hunter Mesquite Custom


  • With the release of the Free February Update, its speed rating was lowered from 2 to 1 and its boost rating was lowered from 3 to 2.
  • Each finish has different color schemes of the word "PARADISECITY" on the license plate, while Finish 3 has a "red-white-blue" background with a purple mountain.
  • Its license plate reads US-CL-T2, which could stand for "United States-Classic-Truck 2."