Mesquite Crash 01

Recovering from a crash.

The Mesquite is a decent aggression car that can help players in the early events until they can unlock the Krieger Pioneer or Hunter Vegas. Its speed is actually decent for the earlier race events. The Mesquite is a more preferable choice for heavy events such as Road Rage. It looks and acts like a coupe utility but it is not suited for off-road races, although it is good for Road Rages.


The Hunter Mesquite. Tough enough to take the knocks of rural life. Quick enough to blow the doors off of every preppie in the state.


The Mesquite resembles a 1960's Chevrolet El Camino or Ford Ranchero. Its bumper-mounted tail lights and the tapered pickup bed all make it resemble the Chevy a bit more. The front resembles the 1971 Ford Corcel.

How to Unlock

Earn the Class D license.


The Hunter Mesquite is an average performer like many other cars around its range. The Mesquite is capable of fast off-the-line acceleration and a decent top speed with Boost activated. Its mediocre boost stat of '2' allows it decent acceleration when activated. The Mesquite's handling is surprisingly swift at higher speeds though it may be difficult to kick the car into a Drift at lower speeds. While negotiating corners in quick succession at high speed, the Mesquite can become difficult to control, making it easy to Wreck. Players also need to watch out for the Mesquite's rather nasty trait of snap-oversteer in tight-bends. With Aggression boost and a strength rating of '6', the Mesquite is clearly more suited to Road Rage events. However, its tendency to snap-oversteer and its difficulty to control at high speeds undermines its usefulness somewhat. It also loses control more easily than most other Aggression boost cars when hit. In conclusion, the Mesquite's fast acceleration, strong body and swift handling will benefit players earlier on, though it isn't the best performer in Paradise.

Burning Route

Burning Route (Right) Mesquite Burning Route


  • This vehicle's handling was tweaked in Burnout Paradise's Free February Update, and its speed rating was lowered from 3 to 1.
  • The license plate reads: US-CL-T2, which stands for "United States-Classic-Truck 2."