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It handles like a barge, but when you're sailing through the air doing a double barrel roll you at least won't go unnoticed! Showing off is the order of the day here.

The Hunter Manhattan is a wonderful stunt car in terms of how early on it is unlocked in the game. There are better stunt vehicles but they will not be seen until much later in the game. This is a great stunt car as it seems to handle better in the air than on the ground. On the ground there is a lot of body roll, a wide turn radius and drifts well but takes a landing strip to stop. When it comes to e-brake drifting, this car is surprisingly responsive for a vehicle of this size. If used in a right combination, this boat can slip in and out of 90 degree turns with relative ease making it a prime choice for internal city driving. All of this does not matter; once this car drives off a split ramp as it can easily perform a 360° Flat Spin or a few Barrel Rolls. It has a low weight despite its high strength rating, giving it a disadvantage in Road Rage events. It can still take plenty of punishment, though and is good in head ons, especially when it has some speed advantage. Its poor handling hinders its capabilities in Race events. In Stunt Run events it manages to make up for its faults with its stunt abilities. For use as an aggressive car, think of it as an upgraded Grand Marais with more versatile boost.


Win 22 events then shut it down.

Burning Route[]

Burning Route (Right) Manhattan Burning Route


  • In Burnout Paradise's Free February Update the Manhattan's speed stat was lowered from 6 to 3 and it's boost was lowered from 6 to 4.
  • The faster the Manhattan moves, the lower it sits to the ground, making it handle better at higher speeds due to its low center of gravity despite its weight.
  • If painted glossy red with Style 1 chosen, apart from the flames, the Manhattan will look much like the killer car from the movie Christine.


The following video is one of the first trailers featuring the Hunter Manhattan and was released in late 2007. Burnout_Paradise_-_Hunter_Manhattan