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This is the Hotspur, with a smokin' hot paint job and a super-tuned motor for increased cruising speed. It still won't go round corners, but now the paint you scrape off is much more expensive!

The Hunter Hotspur is the upgraded version of the Spur. It trades one boost for two speed points. The extra cruising speed can be most beneficial during Race events where boost is not as readily available due to its boost type, but it remains slow at turning. This vehicle is surprisingly effective online, with great take off speed, and very good drift capabilities, presumably to make up for the slow turning. It handles much better than similar cars such as the Hunter Citizen and Civilian. However, it seems to perform better in online competition than against opponents in the single-player portion of the game. Like the Hunter Spur, its use lies within the events which require a heavier vehicle.

How to Unlock[]

Beat the Spur Burning Route.


The Hotspur closely resembles the Dodge Magnum.


  • This car seemingly performs barrel rolls better when driving in reverse.
  • The name of the Hotspur may resemble the name of Tottenham Hotspur football club.
  • This vehicle can come in handy in Online Cops & Robbers. Since Boost is disabled in that mode, the Hotspur's increased cruising speed can help the player outrun the police.