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Not bad for a beginner's car, right? Well, we're not going to make you roll into Paradise in some junk compact your mom gave you. A good all-rounder to get you started.

The Hunter Cavalry is the first vehicle unlocked and given to the player in Burnout Paradise.

It is a very good car for Freeburn, but for later events, players might want to get familiar with other more specialized vehicles.

However, this car does have some other less-known capabilities, such as its capability to jump far, which can come in handy for more demanding jumps.


The Hunter Cavalry is unlocked from the beginning of the game.


The Hunter Cavalry is an average performer, with decent straight-line acceleration and a weak Boost rating, it possesses an odd capability to jump very far, which will serve players well in Stunt Run events. Handling wise, the Cavalry is surprisingly responsive when drifting, although it may feel heavy through tight bends.

Its strongest point is its strength rating, allowing players to race aggressively, despite the lack of aggression boost, and it is more than capable of holding its own in a Road Rage event.

Overall, the Hunter Cavalry is an extremely well rounded starter's car, that can be used in a broad range of events and Freeburn Challenges, but may suffer in later events and more challenging multiplayer scenarios.

Burning Route

TypeName & LocationFinish Point & ObjectiveVehicle
Burning Route Cavalry Burning Route
E. Crawford & Patterson
Target Time: 1:40
Wildcats Baseball Stadium
Required: Hunter Cavalry
Reward: Hunter Oval Champ 69


  • With the release of Burnout Paradise's Free February Update, the Hunter Cavalry's speed rating was lowered from 2 to 1.
  • The license plate reads: US-MU-01, which stands for "United States-Muscle-01."
  • During production, the Hunter Cavalry was originally manufactured by Carson.
  • The Hunter Cavalry appears in Electronic Arts' The Godfather II game under a different name and manufacturer.