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The Carson Hot Rod Coupe does not corner very well, but it is an excellent drifter with one of the fastest straight-line acceleration speeds in the game. Its Burning Route is fairly long (time limit of 1:52), so wrecking more than once will likely destroy the chances of winning this event.


Right from the start, turn right and go down the path through the marina. When you return to East Lake, go through the first light and turn left at the second light onto Ross Drive. There is a dirt path to the left of Ross that creates a shortcut. Make sure to hug the wall as there are two paths, and the right path takes you off a jump into the junkyard. Do not take the dirt paths after Nelson, as they are longer and slow you down significantly. Instead, take the main road that meets up with the Lawrence Tunnel intersection.

To accumulate boost in the Lawrence Road Tunnel, players should stay in the oncoming lane until they reach the ramp that them into the flow of traffic (eastbound).

When you exit the tunnel you will be on 7th Street. Stay in oncoming traffic, and from here it is straightforward to the Coastguard finish line. Players may need to drift a bit on 7th to regain boost and they might have a problem with traffic at the highway dividers before the bridge. After following the length of 7th Street, follow the left-hand turn onto East Crawford Drive and take the win.



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