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The Hot Rod is the first vehicle in Burnout 2: Point of Impact that the player can unlock and is one of the more iconic vehicle types in the series. It is known for having intense acceleration at the beginning of an event and the subsequent wheelie that's a result of said acceleration.

The Hot Rod has one of the strongest boost starts in the game, only under the likes of the Custom Roadster, the Custom Muscle and the Supercar. This trait allows it to get very far ahead at the beginning of a race, assuming a boost start is performed, and also allows the Hot Rod to recover quickly from crashes. It also features fairly good control. However, it isn't very fast, so while it may be able to get ahead quite quickly, it will soon fall behind the opposition if they have higher top speeds. Overall, the Hot Rod is a good choice for the earlier Championship stages, but is not a recommended choice once the custom series is introduced.

The Hot Rod returns in several iterations throughout the rest of the Burnout series with some slight modifications to the design, such as having an exposed engine. The wheelie would also become the Hot Rod's most iconic trait and would also return in all of its future appearances, with the sole exception of Burnout 3: Takedown and its spin-off.

How to Unlock[]

Win Face Off 1.


The Hot Rod resembles a 1930's car complete with larger rear wheels, a flame vinyl, and a large grill.

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