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High Noon Club is a Race in Burnout Paradise.


As soon as the race starts, keep left to go onto the South Bay Railroad train tracks. Go over the South Bay Expressway bridge and take the first Makeshift Ramp to leap onto the I-88.

Once on the Interstate, keep to the right and take the first exit, it will bring you to Gabriel Avenue where you should turn left. Northbound on Gabriel, keep right and after the Manners Avenue intersection, enter the construction site and take the dirt path on the right to completely bypass the upcoming intersection.

You will exit Harber Street perpendicularly to head on Lambert Parkway via the Paradise Wharf Gas Station. Keep heading north on the Parkway and after the Obelisk Triangle, keep left and enter the shortcut to cut the 2nd Street intersection and pass to the left of the Paradise City Art Center and return to Lambert Parkway.

From there continue North and take the elevated sidewalk just after the 3rd Street junction. Keep racing North until you reach the Country Club which is straight up.