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The Heart Attack Grand Prix is an event in Burnout 2: Point of Impact. More precisely a stage part of the Custom Series Championship.

It is the 7th and last event in the Custom Series Championship, and is the final Grand Prix. It contains the highest amount of races out of all Grand Prix, with a total of 7 races. Whilst some of the courses are not difficult themselves, it is the CPU that will be your biggest threat.

The opponents in this Grand Prix are the Custom Roadster, the Custom Muscle and the Supercar, all three being very hard to catch up with, with the Supercar being the fastest car in the game. If one of these vehicles is selected, the Japanese Muscle will be added, only adding to the threat level of the Grand Prix.

This Grand Prix is notable for being one of two Custom Series Grand Prix to include cars outside of the custom series. In this case, the Japanese Muscle and the Supercar appear as opponents, both of which are not classified as custom vehicles. The only other Grand Prix to include such an occurrence is the Point of Impact Grand Prix, which the Japanese Muscle returns from.

Unlike the other events in the Custom Series Championship, beating this Grand Prix does not unlock a new vehicle.


This event is comprised of 7 races.

Title Icon Conditions
Big Surf Shores (R) Big Surf Shores (R) B2 thumb Showers
Palm Bay Heights (R) Palm Bay Heights (R) B2 thumb Sunny
88 Interchange (R) 88 Interchange (R) B2 thumb Overcast
Heartbreak Hills Heartbreak Hills B2 thumb Sunny
Sunrise Valley Springs (R) Sunrise Valley Springs (R) B2 thumb Overcast
Crystal Summit Lake (R) Crystal Summit Lake (R) B2 thumb Sunny
Airport Terminal 3 (R) Airport Terminal 3 (R) B2 thumb Overcast


  • If you can manage to emerge victorious in this Grand Prix, you will unlock the final trophy, and then the credits will roll. If you get all Gold Medals in this event, as well as all other events, then you will also unlock the Infinite Boost Cheat.