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Heads Up

The map illustrating the route.

Heads Up is a race event in Burnout Paradise.


The route is very simple and straightforward as there are no sharp turns on this route.

Starting on Gabriel Avenue, stay straight and smoothly merge onto Lambert Parkway. Continue following Lambert Parkway past 1st Street as well as 2nd Street and as Lambert Parkway curves to the left after the 2nd Street intersection, continue straight along the shortcut to the right of the road. This shortcut will cut the corner but will return to Lambert Parkway.

After passing 3rd Street, the road becomes very straight. It is strongly advised for drivers to use their boost here as it is useless if used too late.

Carefully passing the busy intersection with 7th Street, continue boosting straight along the parkway. As Lambert Parkway becomes Newton Drive, continue straight until the road curves left, then drift around the curve to reach the end destination that is the Maplemount Country Club.