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Hawley Avenue is a very short road located in Big Surf, Palm Bay Heights of Paradise City. The 370 yard road links East Crawford Drive to 9th Street. Hawley Avenue is one of the 3 roads in Paradise City that doesn't feature a single offline event, the only interesting feature of this Avenue is the fact that it always has vehicles present for the Power Park maneuver.


The North-to-South road is straight but not level as it sinks below normal street level to underpass the Paradise City Railroad as well as the imposing Interstate 88. The road then rises up again to link end at the T-intersection with 9th Street.


Hawley Avenue is one of the rare examples of Paradise City roads that do not feature single player events.


No shortcuts open up or are linked to Hawley Avenue.

Landmarks of Interest[]

Listed from North to South

Gameplay Strategies[]

When it comes to race events, this road is not recommended. Hawley Avenue's intersections end in sharp turns and the slopes can make it difficult to see traffic, all in all a highly inadvisable road for such events.
Player in Road Rage will make good use of the high walls and parked traffic vehicles on either sides of the road.
It is highly inadvisable to travel on this road in search of Stunt opportunities; No Ramps or Billboards are featured on this road which simply makes pathway to more important Stunt areas.

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