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Hard Fort is a Race in Burnout Paradise.


After the start, keep left to cut the bend over a dirt mound then keep straight to take the dirt path that runs below North Rouse Road. When exiting the shortcut, keep straight and take another shortcut which makes the turn sharper and after exiting this one take yet another shortcut by keeping straight. You will go into a tunnel and cut the bend around the mountain. You may take the next shortcut is you wish to replenish your Boost.

Approaching the tunnel after the Lewis Pass intersection, take the left entry as it is shorter. Continue down on the Drive making sure you take take the shortcut before the last bend before the Ross Drive intersection. Carry on following South Rouse Drive until you reach Hubbard Avenue at which point you should take the first shortcut to the left directly after that intersection to get on Hall Avenue.

Drift tightly and use the shortcut on the left side of the bend to jump over the busy intersection with Lambert Parkway. From then on the finish line is just a few hundred yards away.