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Griffin Boulevard is the shortest road located on Big Surf Island as well as the shortest in all of Paradise City.


Globally Griffin Boulevard is placed on a Northwest to Southeast axis. The two lane road starts out from a three way traffic light intersection with McDonald Road and where the westernmost portion of Shires Drive ends.

As drivers start out along the short road, The J. Cravens building is on the right as well as a building under construnction on the left. This construction building spans the entire length of Griffin and contains an island mega jump. The mega jump ramp also allows drivers to turn onto some floors under construction.

As the road rises from the intersection, the main entrance of the Big Surf Island construction site is placed along the right. The entrance is divided in half, and drivers may see the many stunt opportunities that await inside. The road then comes to an end as it comes to a merging Y-intersection with the easternmost portion of Shires Drive. From here, drivers can view the Crash TV Ski Jump as well as a building to the left called the Hairy Cornflake.


Event Type Event Name Starting Intersection

Island Tour

Tour de Force

McDonald Road and Shires Drive


Paradise Keys Bridge[]

  • At the beginning / end of Griffin Boulevard there is a ramp that merges into the Paradise Keys Bridge. It can be very useful for drivers wanting quick access to the bridge. Also the ramp would have been the key to getting the fastest road rule times on Griffin, however the glitch invalidates that purpose. (See note 1.)
  • If heading North on Shires coming upon the easternmost intersection with Griffin, the building under construction on the right contains a mega jump that places drivers heading west on the bridge if the driver angles the jump toward the right. If jumped straight, it will take you along McDonald Road.

Construction Site[]

  • Griffin Drive contains the main entrance to the Big Surf Island Construction Site. It is located in the middle of the road and has two island smash gates on both sides of the divided entrance.

Pitt Avenue[]

  • At the end of Griffin, there is a shortcut that is straight ahead of the easternmost intersection with Shires Drive. After the driver merges onto the cobblestone path, it will merge onto a dirt and grass path which will lead to Pitt Avenue.


  • Griffin Boulevard suffers from a glitch where any road rule of 2.00 seconds or less will not be counted. This applies to both motorcycles and cars.
  • The road is named after Artist Jack Griffin.