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Grange Hill is a moderately short road in the South Coast district of Big Surf Island. It most notably contains the Big Surf Island Junkyard.


Grange Hill starts out as a three lane undivided road from a traffic light 3-way intersection with Pitt Avenue and Maguire Road. Traveling down the road, drivers may notice the jagged rocks lining the left side of the road or the building named Big Surf Sausage on the right. The Big Surf Island Junkyard also becomes visible to drivers on right. High up on the right, views of the Crash TV Ski Jump can be achieved.

On past the junkyard, the road gradually dips down while on the right it stays flat. The side road then completely drops onto a parking lot with a few cars in it. Here drivers have the opportunity to take out a billboard and get an air. Then Grange Hill comes to an end at a traffic light T-junction with Shires Drive. From here, drivers can see most of the Big Surf Island Construction Site.


Event Type Event Name Starting Intersection (with Grange Hill)
Race Sunset Scramble Pitt Avenue & Maguire Road
Burning Route (Right) Dust Storm Burning Route Shires Drive