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Grand Prix (abbreviated GP) is an event in Burnout Legends. It consists of 3-4 races on pre-determined circuits in a single tournament.


It works very similar to Race events. However, they'll be racing more than just once in an event. At the end of each race, each racers will receive points depending on what position they finish. Finishing 1st receives 6 points, while finishing last receives 2 points. Points are carried over into the subsequent races The driver with the most points in the whole GP event wins the Gold Medal. Winning a Grand Prix in Compact, Muscle, Coupe, and Sports will unlock 3 new vehicles of the next speed class. Winning a Super Grand Prix will unlock the US Circuit Racer.

GP Points Tally
Finishing Position GP Points Awarded
1st 6 points
2nd 4 points
3rd 3 points
4th 2 points

2 other types of Grand Prix[]

Legend GP[]

The mechanics of the GP is similar except driving only a Legend car and you'll face another legend car in a current speed class and 2 other legend cars from the next speed class. Winning golds in all Legend GPs will unlock Gangster Boss.

Special GP[]

It is a unique GP which is the only one that consist of 4 races. Winning gold in this GP will unlock the Special Grand Prix Event Postcard and the World Circuit Racer.