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Grand Prix in Burnout 2: Point of Impact are events that the player can take part in while playing in Championship or the Custom Series Championship game modes. They are the main events in both Championships.

It is a simple compilation of several Races (number ranging from 3 to 7). The races take place on nearly all of the available tracks in the game.

Grand Prix initially reward the player with trophies in the regular Championship, but once the player has unlocked the Custom Series Championship, Grand Prix reward the player with both a trophy and a Custom Series car.


Position Points
1st +3
2nd +2
3rd +1
4th +0

To Win a Grand Prix, the player must have the most points at the end of the last race, points being awarded based on his or her standings at each Race. Coming first is a sure-fire way of winning. While you don't need to complete every race in 1st place to win a Grand Prix, some events, such as Face Offs, will remain locked unless you do so.

At the end of any intermediate Race the player is given a choice to move on to the next Race or return to the Main Menu. If exiting the GP, the game will save the player's GP point Total for later resuming. Any number of Grand Prix can be started and left. To restart an already begun GP, the player must retire the current race, return to the main menu and press Square on the event in the Stage Select screen.


There is a total of 8 Grand Prix featured in Burnout 2's various modes. They are all named and increase in difficulty, namely by the number of races they comprise and the selection of rival vehicles. As an example, the Pacific Gate Grand Prix has 3 Races, and the rival racers are initially unlocked vehicles, such as the Compact, while the Heart Attack Grand Prix has a monumental 7 Races, and the opponents are the fastest vehicles in the game.

Any vehicle can be used for a Grand Prix.