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The Grand Marais Burning Route is very simple and requires little effort to be beaten. The only "road block" players may run into is the Marais's less-than-satisfactory handling.


Start out heading west on Root Avenue and after you cross 3rd Street, take the diagonal shortcut through the park, which leads directly onto 2nd Street with the Stadium one turn ahead.

Alternate Routes[]

  • Take an immediate right onto Paradise Avenue and follow the Avenue Southbound. After you cross the steel bridges, veer left onto Franke Avenue, and then veer left again onto 2nd Street. Follow the road through the blue arches and take the following sharp right turn onto Webster Avenue. Be careful on Webster, as it is a divided highway with entrances to I-88 Section 1 on the right, left, and center. Once on Webster, the Wildcats Stadium is one block ahead.
  • If you are having a hard time with the turn onto Webster, take a right turn just before the blue arches onto Glancey Avenue and then the next left onto 1st Street, which will lead you to the Wildcats Stadium.
  • Start out heading east on Root Avenue, follow Root all the way until it dead-ends at Harber Street, make the left onto Harber Street, and follow it around until it turns into Webster Avenue and reaches the Stadium from the south. This route has less traffic and sharp turns, but the travel time is longer.



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