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Glover Way is the second shortest road on Big Surf Island, behind Griffin Boulevard. Glover is located in the North Beach district and generally is run along a south to north/north to south axis.


Glover Way starts out from a busy traffic light Y-junction with Shires Drive. Immediately as drivers turn on Glover, a side of the Shires Drive Parking Garage is visible on the left. After driving further drivers may also see the St. Cath's Hospital lined in green on right. Access to theNorth Beach Green Sign Park can be seen on the immediate right.

Along the right of the road, in front of the hospital, are a couple of jump and billboard opportunities. On the left side of the road, lined with pine trees, are several large "steps" which also hold a billboard opportunity. As the road comes to an end at a merging junction with Daniell Way, the Blackburn Hotel is visible on right as well as the hills north of Paradise City.


Event Type Event Name Starting Intersection

Stunt Run

Show Boating

Shires Drive


  • This road is named after HR Support Becky Glover.