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The Gangster is a vehicle in Burnout 2: Point of Impact. It is an old saloon car notorious for its horrendous acceleration. In a way, it could be seen as a counterpart to the Classic.

Like the Classic, the Gangster is a much older model than most of the vehicles in Burnout 2. It has very impressive speed and is also fairly responsive in terms of handling. This would make it a very potent racing machine were it not for its miserable acceleration. With the lowest acceleration in the game bar none, it takes far too long for the Gangster to get up to its top speed. Recovering from crashes is very time-consuming and if the player fails to perform a boost start with the Gangster, they will be severely outran by their opponents. Due to this flaw, it is the most sluggish vehicle in Burnout 2 and could be considered the worst vehicle in the game.

For the Xbox release, its stats were rebalanced, now being identical to the Classic save for handling, in which the Gangster's is higher. This makes it slightly more which viable in races, although it is still quite a sluggish vehicle. This change, however, lowers its top speed, which could counteract the boost given to its acceleration.

The Gangster comes in only four colors; white, black, maroon and lilac.

The Gangster's only Championship appearance is in Pursuit 3. It does not make any Grand Prix appearances, though it can appear in single races where the player uses a custom series vehicle.

How to Unlock[]

Shut it down in Pursuit 3.


This vehicle resembles a Duesenberg Model J, mostly evident by its front end design.

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