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The GameStop car is a promotional-kiosk race vehicle in Burnout Revenge.

It is very strong, which makes it very difficult to be taken out, and its handling is superb for its weight.

Built for fast and aggressive racing, it handles well and has good acceleration, making it excellent at both scoring takedowns and surviving enemy attacks. While not as strong as the Low Rider, its handling is responsive enough to get out of danger in case they are pushed by an opponent.


The GameStop is unlocked by downloading the GameStop Car pack from an Xbox 360 kiosk at a GameStop store using a memory unit, and earning a bronze medal in the "Traffic Attack - Short Reverse" event in Central Route within the Assassin rank.


  • The in-store Xbox 360 kiosks were introduced in 2005[1] to multiple retailers with several offering exclusive Xbox 360 items that could be downloaded to a memory unit using a port in the front of the display. They were phased out in 2010 following a refresh of the Xbox 360's design.

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