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Freeway Fury is an event in Burnout 2: Point of Impact. More precisely a Crash zone part of Crash mode.

It is the ninth of 15 zones available in the mode.


On Screen: "It's hell on the highway!"

Probably, one of the crashes that could involve more vehicles in the game. The player begins in a portion of the track with three lanes at the same way and two oncoming before a widening to four lanes. The driver can hit one of the cars (van or lorry) of the same way to make crash between them or shoving it into the oncoming lanes meanwhile the player directs the wreckage on the wished lanes.


The zone takes place on a portion of:

Title Icon
Interstate Loop Interstate Loop B2 thumb


  • Completing Freeway Fury contributes, with the 14 other Crash Zones, to the unlocking of the Runaway cheat.