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Freeburn Challenges are a part of Burnout Paradise's Freeburn Online Mode. During a multiplayer session, the host can select various predefined tasks from the game menu for the players to attempt. If all players successfully meet the objective of the Challenge, it is marked as complete in all players profiles.

While a Challenge is active, the score card in the top right corner of the screen shows the Challenge status for each player.

Challenge Types[]

Driver Challenges[]

Driver Challenges have individual objectives for each player - each driver must perform the same task such as Boost for a certain amount of time, or perform a specified total amount of Flat Spin degrees. When the player completes the objective a check mark appears beside their name in the score card. When all players have completed the objective or objectives, the Challenge is completed and their profiles are updated.

Team Challenges[]

Team Challenges have a group objective that the players must complete collectively. For example, Drift a specified total number of yards, or all meet at a particular point on the map at the same time. Each player's activity during the Challenge contributes to the total goal, and all players must contribute at least a minimum amount otherwise the Challenge is not complete even if the totals would otherwise be enough. During Team Challenges, the score card shows the contribution each player has made to the total goal, and when a player has reached their minimum contribution, a check mark appears beside their name.

List of Challenges[]

The set of available Challenges at any given time is determined by the number of players currently in the game, with 50 original challenges, 10 timed challenges, and 10 bike challenges, all of which are each for 2-8 players (10 challenges for 2 players, 10 challenges for 3 players, etc.). The addition of Big Surf Island (Paid Downloadable Content) bumped the total number of Freeburn Challenges up to 500.

Sets of Online Challenges
Kinds of Challenges Amount
2 Players 50 350
3 Players 50
4 Players 50
5 Players 50
6 Players 50
7 Players 50
8 Players 50
Car Timed Challenges 70
Bike Challenges 70
Island Challenges 10
Total: 500


Completing Freeburn Challenges earns players several rewards such as in-game unlockables, PS3 trophies for PS3 owners and Xbox 360 Achievements for Xbox 360 owners.

Completing Some challenge goals can also unlock some Paradise Awards.


  • Completing 2 sets of Car Freeburn Challenges (Completing two player-groups of challenges, IE: complete all 2 player challenges and all 3 player challenges)
Krieger Carbon Überschall 8
  • Completing 1 set of Bike Freeburn Challenges
Chrome Male Rider and Chrome Female Rider
  • Completing all 500 Freeburn Challenges
Jansen P12 Diamond


There are five Xbox 360 Achievements and nine PS3 Trophies related to Challenges.

Image Criteria Type Award
Complete 1 online Challenge Achievement 10 GamerScore
Complete 25 online Challenges Achievement 15 GamerScore
Complete 250 online Challenges Achievement 25 GamerScore
Complete 2 whole sections of online Challenges (excluding PDLC) Achievement 35 GamerScore
BSI 360
Complete all 10 Island Freeburn Challenges Achievement 25 GamerScore
BP Original Bronze
Complete a Freeburn Challenge Trophy Bronze
BP Original Silver
Complete 10 Freeburn Challenges Trophy Silver
BP Original Silver 2
Complete your first Timed Challenge Trophy Silver
BP Original Gold 2
Complete 10 Timed Challenges Trophy Gold
BP Bikes Bronze
Complete 5 Bike Challenges Trophy Bronze
Light up the Manhattan Spirit during an Online Challenge Trophy Bronze
Complete a Timed Challenge using all 3 Boost types in the Hawker Mech Trophy Silver
Complete a Bike Timed Challenge using the Toy Bike Trophy Silver
BP BSI Bronze
Complete all 10 Island Freeburn Challenges Trophy Bronze