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Free Run is a gameplay mode that is unique to Burnout 1, however it does appear again in Burnout 2. Like most Burnout 1 modes, it follows the same basic rules of the Race mode. The twist with Free Run is that the roads are completely devoid of any traffic.


Free Run mode is one of the most unique to the Burnout series considering what a typical gameplay mode for Burnout is. In Free Run, the entire course is completely devoid of any traffic aside from the player (Free Run is a solo event). Free Run is a polar opposite to the kind of gameplay that is usually in Burnout 1 because the gameplay is usually quite tense and frantic, and yet the removal of traffic makes this mode almost relaxing. However laps and timed checkpoints still apply

There is also an alternate version of Free Run called Free Run Twin, where a second player can race along with the first.

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