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Free Fall Fix is the fourth Timed Challenge included in Burnout Paradise's Cagney Update and is the first challenge to involve Takedowns. This challenge features both the easiest and hardest aspects of the Timed Challenges as communication between players could make or break your success. The first goal is to score a Vertical Takedown on each other within the West Crawford Drive Tunnel and then drive through the Nelson Way Auto Repair to stop the clock.


The first goal of the Timed Challenge requires each player to score a Vertical Takedown on the other within the West Crawford Drive Tunnel. This is the hardest part of the challenge as there is only one jump along the road which can lead to a Vertical Takedown but each player's view of each other is obscured by the tunnel which means communication between players is vital.

The best way to ensure a Vertical Takedown is to drive the car slowly off the jump and land on a ledge just below the Billboard. Once reaching this ledge have the other player line up their car along the middle road markings so that on the map the two player arrows touch each other. Then drive off the ledge and you should land on top of the other player.

After you have acquired your Takedown have the other player drive to your previous location via the shortcuts on both sides of the jump and repeat the previous step.

When both players have acquired a Takedown drive westbound along until you reach Nelson Way, upon which turn left and each driver drive through the Auto Repair Shop on the right hand side.

Landmarks to Note
Start W. Crawford Tunnel Mark W. Crawford Tunnel Mark Neslon Shortcut Finish Nelson Way Auto Shop
BurnoutParadise 2009-07-22 17-38-37-25 BurnoutParadise 2009-07-22 17-39-55-77 BurnoutParadise 2009-08-10 17-57-20-50 Auto Repair Eastern Shore


The best strategy for this challenge is to use communication throughout. There isn't any particular vehicle to use but it is advised that when partaking in this challenge that Toy Cars are avoided as they are much too small for players to land on.

Stunt vehicles however will be much lighter than other vehicles and may overshoot the jump and miss the target of a Vertical Takedown.