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Franke Avenue is a diagonal road running through Downtown and Palm Bay Heights. It is an extension of Root Avenue, at 7th Street, running southeast until it connects with Root Avenue again at 2nd Street. It crosses through the Paradise Square, which is a 6-way intersection in Downtown Paradise.


The following are events that begin on Franke Avenue.

Type Name Start location End location
Race Race to the Summit Young Avenue Wind Farm
Race Far, Far Away 2nd Street Crystal Summit Observatory
Road Rage Franke Exchange 5th Street N/A
Burning Route (Wrong) Vegas Burning Route 7th Street Wildcats Baseball Stadium
Burning Route (Wrong) 25 V16 Revenge Burning Route 3rd Street Crystal Summit Observatory


  • Northbound shortcut through an alleyway and forces the player westbound down 7th Street. This leads naturally into another shortcut on the same street, cutting through the large bend.
  • Southbound shortcuts going through a parking garage onto 2nd Street. The upper one leads to a billboard with a jump behind it.

Gameplay Strategies[]

Franke Avenue is a road that is of little importance in Stunt Runs, but is has some value in Road Rage because the path becomes very narrow at some points. In Marked Man Events and, more importantly, Races, the road can be the difference between victory and defeat. If an event requires the player to get from the southeast to the northwest or vice-versa, Franke Avenue is usually part of the fastest pathway since it runs diagonally.

Landmarks of Interest[]

  • The El Train raised railway crosses over, which is raised above the main road.
  • A side path that leads to memorial fountain. Several challenges take place here.
  • A large billboard is on the edge of the road opposite of the brick buildings. This is reached by a ramp on Young Avenue.
  • Eastbound shortcuts are on either side of the road between Young Avenue and 5th Street intersections. These are part of a Northbound Shortcut from Evans Boulevard onto Young Avenue.
  • The road dips under an inaccessible road area before heading over a white bridge which chrosses over the river.

The road then enters Paradise Square, which has the following landmarks:

Paradise Square[]

  • A building with ads for GE, Paradise Trust Bank, S Sheri's, Film Reel, Paradise Pizza, MCs Department Store, Jazz Live, and Gillette Fusion Power.
  • The Paradise City Sports store, host to Freeburn Challenges to get onto its roof by using the parking garage on Fry Avenue. Accessing the roof also allows the player to smash the billboard hanging above the road. Has ads for DJR Sports, GE, Paradise Pizza, JL Audio and Pottas Electrical, the all American Electrical home store.
  • Paradise Theater, with its own ads, along with ads for Paradise Sports 2, Film Reel, Jazz Live, Paradise City Records, S Sheri's, Paradise Trust Bank, Daley's Donuts and GE.
  • Hamilton's Department Store.
  • The Luxury Hotel.