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Flying Banners is the eighth Timed Challenge in Burnout Paradise's Cagney Pack and is the first challenge involving Billboards. This challenge is more about area knowledge than skill. Area knowledge will play a big key in how well this challenge is done as the time spent between hitting billboards could make or break this challenge.

This challenge lasts for 4 minutes and 30 seconds which is more than enough time for 2 players to find 10 billboards. The amount of time taken for this challenge can depend on the car chosen, route out the Airfield and choosing the right billboards.


The first goal is the easiest part of the challenge. Both players must meet inside the Airfield, now this can be either at the at the end of the path for the entrance or pointed towards the ramp leading towards E. Lake Drive. If each player takes a different route out then more billboards can be hit in a quicker succession.

The second goal is for both players to accumulate 10 different billboards. This can be done in two different ways;

  • Both players go for different billboards across Silver Lake.
  • A player follows the other and hits the same billboard about a few seconds after the first player.

A player can not hit the same billboard over and over again. Each billboard must be different for it to count towards trhe challenge.

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Landmarks to Note
Start Airfield Mark Typical Billboard Finish 10 Billboards
BurnoutParadise 2009-07-22 18-08-23-42


A Stunt car would fair best in this challenge but this is not a requirement. However, a Speed car would be a bad choice as they may not have enough boost when needed to jump through a billboard.

Meeting inside the Airfield is an easy task as there is only one entrance along Nelson Way near the Junkyard. Exiting the Airfield via the ramp onto E. Lake Drive may require some skill as there is a billboard on the other side of this jump and heavier cars may not be able to reach it.

The billboards around the area are fairly easy to hit. There are 2 on the south end of Nelson Way which can be hit just by driving up the ramp. Others though are at the end or inside short cuts and there is one along E Lake Drive which requires jumping of the Silver Lake Island in order to reach.