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Flyby is a 8 Player Car Timed Challenge.

Part 1 of 2[]

In the first part you have to ride to the gap with the billboard north of the Wind Farm and get three Near Misses in the air.

The "original way" to get 3 Aerial Near Misses is to jump over the gap. Try to jump with another player on the same time.

The easier way is to jump into the gap in the same time. So you can get 3 Near Misses in less than 20 seconds.

Part 2 of 2[]

When the first target is done, you have to ride to the Waterfall Diner Car Park and wait until all players are there.

The fastest way is to jump the Super Jump of Uphill Drive . The easiest Way is to drive down the Uphill Drive without any jumps. When you are Uphill & Nelson, race north to Cannon Pass and go right. Then you must just drive down Cannon Pass until you've reached the Waterfall Diner