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During the Fastback Burning Route, drivers will navigate the full length of the South Bay Expressway. While the event can be completed quickly because of the high-speed nature of the Expressway, the Fastback does not have a fast reaction time when turning left and right and therefore some players may find dodging traffic and certain obstacles difficult.


When possible, drive in oncoming traffic to build boost. Heading west on Harber Street cross over the steel bridges. On the next block, veer left in front of the Carson GT Concept billboard and take the double jumps onto Manners Avenue. Take any of the three shortcuts or the main turn on the left onto South Bay Expressway. Follow S. Bay, refilling your boost at the filling station, and if you haven't already, cross over into the oncoming lane to make it easier to complete the glide to the left onto South Mountain Drive. Follow S. Mountain to the Lone Stallion Ranch.



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